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Dear Ryan,
Thanks to your guidance, I was able to increase my writing score from 6.5 to 7.5, and then to 8.5! I really don't believe I could have done it without you.
-Imam Mohamed

Hi Ryan,
I am so happy to inform you that I scored 7.5 in writing!
-Sunish Manalody

Hi Ryan,
Thanks for your help, I’ve scored band 8 in writing.
-Vladan Martinovic

Hi Ryan,
I prepared just by looking at your videos and scored 7.5! Thank you!
-Rahul Paldiwal

Hi Ryan,
I would like to thank you for your very helpful lessons. I finally got 7 in all modules and can now start residency processing for New Zealand!
-Kiran Kiccha

Hi Ryan,
I obtained a writing score of 8.5. Your videos were instrumental in helping me achieving this score. Thanks, mate!
-Carlos Flores

Hi Ryan,
Thank you for my 8.0 writing score. You ebook played a pivotal role in my success!
-Awais Butt

Hi Ryan,
I read your blog every day and scored 7.5 in writing!
-Vikrant Mahajan

I went from band 6.0 to 7.5 following Ryan’s coaching!
-Viacheslav Porotikov


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“I was an online student of Ryan’s. I took my IELTS and got R-8 L-8 W-8 S-7.5. He gave me very valuable feedback when I gave him my essays and letters for review. I highly recommend him and his lessons.” -Mike (China) “Thanks to your guidance, I was able to increase my writing score from 6.5 to 7.5 and then to 8.5! I really don’t believe it!” -Imam (Pakistan) Your remarks were what got me my 7.5 in writing. You changed my writing pattern, and I will always thank you for this support.” -Priya (India)I got 7 in writing because of your advice. Thank you, Ryan.” -Kiccha (India) “I got 7.5 in writing and 100% recommend Ryan’s online work!” -Sunish (India)

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I love reading these sorts of messages! Sharing in the joy of my online students when they achieve that 7, 8 and (yes!) 9 is one of my life’s simple pleasures. I want you to succeed on your IELTS. Over the past four years, I’ve had the privilege of working with several hundred students online. Through my corrections and comments, these students were able to clearly see the exact areas they needed to improve to get their required band. Every student’s recipe for success was different. It’s that personal touch that makes my course unlike any other: I can tell you what you need to do to improve. I’ve spent the last 10 years honing my skills as an IELTS instructor, and I hope to spend the rest of my life sharing IELTS insight with the world. Band 8 is not impossible when you know how. So are you ready to work hard? Our time together won’t be easy. It’s a grueling and sometimes frustrating process, and I don’t sugarcoat anything. Whether your goal is 6.5, 7 or 8, I’m going to push you towards 9. Your success in the examination room is my priority.

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After your payment clears, you will receive an automatic email containing 10 Academic Task 1 questions, 10 General Task 1 questions and 20 Academic and General Task 2 questions. You may choose which questions to respond to and take as long as you need to compose your response. Within 24 hours, I will provide you with a full grammatical cleanup of your work and specific comments indicating exactly what you need to do to improve. Click here to download a sample response. Join my course now:

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Memorizing model essays to improve grammatical accuracy on the IELTS

Is grammar what’s holding you back from band 8? Watch this video to learn about a new strategy that can help you improve your grammatical accuracy:

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Is it OK to make up examples on your IELTS essay?

This is a question I’m often asked. In this video, I explain when and how to make up examples in Task 2:

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No access to YouTube? Here is a copy of the model essay from the video:

In your opinion, what environmental problem poses the greatest risk to humanity?

The environment today is threatened by many factors. However, among the most concerning is polluted drinking water. Unsanitary drinking water is a growing global problem that impacts the health of millions of people on a daily basis. This essay will suggest two viable ways of improving this situation.

Firstly, governments should uphold strict penalties for companies that fail to operate in environmentally friendly ways. In countries like Canada, for example, the government should loosen regulations that restrict the capping of lawsuits levied against companies with practices that harm the environment. Doing so would make these companies liable for their damages and thus less likely to engage in risky and dangerous activities. Such increased penalties would act as a tremendous step towards improving the world’s drinking water.

Secondly, companies must be made transparent and public when reporting of any possible contaminants that may have leaked into a water supply. This can be achieved by making community meetings mandatory for all companies that operate near a source of drinking water. Examples of the effectiveness of such meetings can be seen in Finland, where companies are required to regularly provide testing results and declare concerns immediately. As Finland is known to have some of the highest quality drinking water in the world, the merits of forced company accountability are clear.

As this essay has shown, the threat of polluted drinking water is a very major concern and can be countered by empowering the legislative ability of people and mandating meetings that hold companies accountable for their actions. It is hoped these strategies are increasingly put into practice in the foreseeable future.

Choose the correct prepositions for this IELTS essay

Watch this video and post your score as a comment:

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Here is a copy of the essay with correct prepositions:

Competitiveness among high school students should be encouraged. Do you agree or disagree?

The gradual merging of cultures and economies the world over has led to an increasingly competitive international job market. Recognition of the role competitiveness plays in success has permeated most facets of society, and this includes the institutions that prepare students for adulthood. It is agreed that competitiveness among high school students should be encouraged. The merits of this position will be shown by looking at how a competitive spirit can help train young people to both spot opportunity and cooperate with others.

Firstly, grooming students to be competitive at a young age can help prepare them to seize opportunities down the road. For example, in many countries, high school is followed by a period of intense competition, as students vie for scholarships, internships and career options. Students who are not naturally competitive or willing to improve their skills in relation to others will not achieve the same results as those that approach chance more aggressively. Thus, it is important to encourage competition among students at an early age to provide them with a strong start in life.

Furthermore, competition in team settings breeds cooperation, a trait that often acts as a precursor to success in life. For instance, to overcome an opponent, the members of a high school basketball team must work together to maximize their collective strengths. This acts as an example of how competition in a group setting can teach a young person the importance of teamwork, a valuable skill these young people will need in their future careers. Thus, it is clear that benefits do derive from the encouragement of competition in high school.

As the above shows, competitiveness is beneficial to teenagers because it prepares them to grab educational and professional opportunities and as well instills an understanding of the importance of cooperation. Thus, it can be concluded that there are clear and healthful advantages to encouraging competition among high school students. It is hoped this trait is increasingly instilled in the young people of tomorrow.

Model essay in response to a recent General Task 2 question

Some countries make it illegal to work past the age of 65. Do you think people should be forced to retire at a certain age?

Opinions regarding what constitutes a healthy retirement age seem to vary from one country to another. This is manifest in nations with laws, or lack thereof, that stipulate the age when a person is required to end their professional life. It is felt compulsory retirement should not be legally enforced upon anyone except those working in positions where age could pose a significant safety risk to themselves or others. The following paragraphs will illustrate the merits of this position.

Firstly, it should be remembered that age does not necessarily affect professional performance negatively. In fact, as is the case with writers, age can often bring a certain wisdom that enhances the quality of an author’s work. Noam Chomsky, a topical author now in his mid-eighties, continues to publish relevant and highly respected material despite his advanced years. Were he forced to halt his profession due to his age, his insight and decades of understanding would largely go unheard. Thus, it is clear that certain professions should be allowed to continue regardless of age.

However, there are other lines of work that demand strict ruling with regards to retirement. Pilots, for example, must able to execute decisions clearly without reservation or fatigue. The reduced stamina of pilots over the age of 65 could potentially risk the lives of hundreds of passengers, and this is obviously a serious safety risk. Thus, there are merits to enforcing a retirement age upon people in certain professions.

It can be concluded that the establishing of a mandatory retirement age should be made specific to the profession in question. Such a policy helps to maximize both the productivity and safety of a society.

You have two days to suggest words for this essay!

I have left four blanks in this essay for you to fill. Suggest a word (or words) for each blank. Words from the original essay go up on Monday.

To participate, please share your ideas to this thread:

Scientists predict that future generations will be able to live well past 100 years. Some people believe this is a good thing while others believe this development will bring about serious problems for the planet. Discuss both of these views and share your opinion. 

Extending human life has fascinated humankind for many millennia. This enthusiasm is today becoming ________, as modern technology continues to make tangible improvements in its ability to postpone death. This essay will look at both the benefits and drawbacks of extending human life past 100 years.

Firstly, the benefits humanity derives through prolonging human life are obvious. By extending the average human lifespan beyond 100 years, a person would be able to accomplish far more in a lifetime than at any other point in human evolution. Inventive and creative minds would ________ for decades longer than their predecessors, while others could be given the opportunity to enjoy experiences they may not have had without such advancements. Thus, it is clear that the lengthening of lifespans has several positive facets.

On the other hand, extending human life could take a significant toll on the environment and possibly lead to conflict. For instance, if humans were dying in fewer and fewer numbers, the Earth’s population would likely increase to the point where the resources needed to sustain all individuals were unavailable. This ________ could have tremendous consequences on global security, as violent conflict over dwindling resources would likely arise among competing groups and nations. The significant drawbacks to the delaying of death therefore can be seen.

In conclusion, while prolonging human life dramatically is a medical accomplishment that could lead to positive outcomes, the consequences of such actions may be dangerous and do more harm than good. Thus, movements towards extending human life well past 100 years should be carefully balanced with their ________.

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